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"For him, the world was supposed to be a boring, mundane place where he was meant to do nothing more than wake up every morning, tend to his farm, eat, drink, and have sex with a wife who would consistently grow more haggard every day following their wedding. In the face of this prospect, Kiddo Morgan ran away at the age of 8."

The Legend of Kiddo Morgan

Handsome, tall, brawny - what woman wouldn't love him and what man wouldn't wish that it was okay to love him - Kiddo Morgan was destined for great things once he escaped his former destiny of non-great things. A master of boats, animals, tongues, women, and tongues of women, Kiddo has seen and loved the world over, engaging in completely legal activity on a boat whose activity may be less legal. He does not hate anyone, except for the British...and Lieutenant Fitzwilliam Fitzgerald.... and Seraphina - both of whom fall under the category of British anyway.

Kiddo Morgan (and his "Mongrols", for they are not shutting up about not being included thusfar because they don't understand that they will each have a page of their own!) travels the world righting wrongs, and making rights more right. His loyalty lies to himself - NOT to himself (7, you are out of line! Go make me a sandwich!), but with the French against the British, the Americans against the British, the Native Americans against the British, the Indians against the British, the Spanish against the British, the History of Portugal against today's Portugal, the Irish against the Vikings, and the Atlantic Ocean against the sewage wasteland it has been imposed to endure, Great Britain, his task will be grave but he is exactly the hero the world needs.

Kiddo al.

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